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Shawn Léon Nowotnik, MSW, LCSW, is a Chicago-based author, therapist, artist, and filmmaker. He understands firsthand how loss, mental health, and addiction can affect every aspect of a person’s life, including their narrative. Shawn was forced to reevaluate his own narrative when he lost his oldest son to suicide.


Today, Shawn focuses his energy on empowering others as a therapist, helping clients change their narratives, and developing new treatment programs. He advocates to improve how mental health and addiction disorders are treated and continually immerses himself in research and writing to find stronger solutions. He is the creator and illustrator of two inspirational/motivational quote books Louder Than Bombs and Mighty Words From Mighty WomenIn May 2022, he realeased his third book, Habits of Successful People through Am-Biv-A-Lent,. LLC. And best of all, Shawn advocates that life doesn't stop and neither should you. He's blessed to continue to share his life with his family and two other amazing children.

Shawn is available for motivational public and private speaking engagements, keynote speeches, and panel discussions. He's a passionate and engaging presenter with insights focused on the areas of addiction, community, mental health, defining your narrative, and a vast array of issues that face us as a society.



In addition to being an author and therapist, art and creativity has been at the heart of Shawn's life and career. Shawn always dreamed of running his own design studio and talent agency. By 1997, before MySpace or Facebook became household names, he launched ArtistsBureau - the first online talent agency that featured actors, artists, models, and musicians. Having had a lifelong passion for music and film he eventually landed in Hollywood. By 1998, he had already finished working on his first indie film, which evolved into other projects and later taking on celebrity clients.​


Then in 2002, Shawn launched  ArtMusicFilm - a small, hard-working entertainment industry studio. Best known for being an art, design and prop-building studio in the music and entertainment industry, it also designed artists' record album art, merchandise, and film projects. They also are known for crafting creative concepts in theater marketing that provide movie studios with eye-catching and lasting media impressions.

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